Friday, March 20, 2015

When you car's battery died, it could be worst...

Lemme tell u a story that happened to me today.
Pergi lunch kat luar. Bawak 2 kereta. Nak dijadikan cerita, kereta tak boleh start sebab lupa nak tutup lampu kereta (yeah im that clumsy and this is side effect of parking at office basement haha)
So I was very thankful that we got another car to jump start my car. Masalahnya, parking pulak kereta tu muncung dulu. hokeeyy. time tu dah serabut dah camane nak jump start.
Then suddenly saw a Chinese guy loading things in his car, across the road. Time tu memang takde orang langsung walaupun parking kereta full. Then I went up to him and asking if its okay to switch parking lot with me so that I can jump start my car. Luckily he's okay with it and willing to help.
So my friends help to push the car then I steered my car to get in that guy's parking space. andd luckily the road is slight decline towards that guy's parking space, so my friends only need to push a bit. So one problem settled.
Then tinggal nak jump start lah kan. Then I went out of the car and shut the door then suddenly the door automatically lock with my car key at the starter! WARGHHH.. everyone is like HUDAAAAAAA!!!! okay, memang mental breakdown, meroyan dah time tu. hahhaa~
yang lagi tragiknya, harini tetiba terbawak backup key dalam poket then time tengah kelam kabut tu throw everything inside the car. So mana tak lost my mind kejap en haha..time tu fikir kena pecahkan cermin ke ar LOL Then suddenly saw one of the passenger door tak kunci. Ya Allah, Allah je tau perasaan time tu. Kalau tak dah sobbing dah kat divider jalan tu haha~
So cepat2 bukak semua pintu lol~
Then jump start dari kereta kawan, I thought it's going to take very long time sebab kereta tu lagi kecik dari avanza but luckily a few seconds dah boleh start. hohoo Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan.
So what I learnt today is:
-I seriously need to put sticky note in my car 'TUTUP LAMPU KETE OI'
-I seriously need to learn not to freaked out in this kind of situation haha
-Allah nak uji tahap kesabaran kami semua, dengan dalam keadaan panas terik. Dalam diuji, Dia bagi idea kat kitorang camane nak handle situation tu, gerakkan hati that Chinese guy untuk tolong kitorang.. hehe~
-Allah tu Maha Penyayang. Siyes, rasa sayangnya Allah kat kitorang sebab permudahkan urusan kitorang.
-Allah takkan susahkan hamba-Nya kalau hamba-Nya tak boleh nak handle. Kannnn? ^^,
Oh btw, time kejadian ni jadi, cuaca waktu tu panas terik sangat, nak tengok jalan pon silau. But then dalam kelam kabut tu cuaca tetiba jadi mendung.
Allahuakbar. Allah permudahkan. ^^,
Hope you guys can learn something from my experience ngee~ k bai.

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Bucket List

My first post for 2015, here goes... ^^

My Bucket List

  • Learn and master Japanese language - in progress
  • Learn Korean language - in progress
  • Speak at least 5 language
  • Learn to be ambidextrous - in progress
  • Learn sewing 

Food & Beverage
  • Drink 1 shot of espresso (this is hard one coz I have delicate stomach :p)
  • Eat sushi in Japan
  • Eat Korean food. like the real Korean food. which look so dem delicious on TV
  • Eat raw oyster
  • Be vegetarian for a day

  • Visit every state in Malaysia - in progress
  • Visit any place in Japan
  • Perform Hajj by 35
  • Stay in a 5-star hotel
  • Visit a place without planning
  • Go backpacking

Sports & Entertainment
  • Bungee jumping (Im scared of height TT)
  • Surfing
  • Horse Riding 
  • Take Archery class
  • Take swimming class - done
  • Take a martial art class
  • Kayaking in the middle of the sea - checked
  • Scuba diving 
  • Snorkeling - checked

  • Say thank you to the garbageman :)
  • Volunteer for charity
  • Meet some very famous people
  • Meet EXO or D.O only i don't mind kekekeeee
  • Greet every people that I bump into in a day
  • Reunite with my primary school's classmate (coz I always the awkward one haha) - almost happened

  • Doing flips into pool - checked
  • Doing splits
  • Sing in front of audience - checked (Read here)
  • Learn juggle
  • Hold breath for 3 minutes
  • Lose weight to my weight when I was 17
  • Jump into water from high place - checked (record: 4m above water level, 5m below water level)
  • Earn 500 blog followers (choi boleh ke, update pon malas haha!)

Walawey.. listing all these made me realized how I've wasted my 25 years doing nothing hahahaa..
I think it's a good thing to have your own bucket list. At least you can keep ur life somehow meaningful. I guess ^^

What's yours?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Respect please dear brothers and sisters...

A non-muslim colleagues bought me donuts as a token of gratitude for helping them. I was really touched and thanked her, but apologize for not eating the donut because i don't know it's halal or not. I explain to her, in Islam, when you're unsure the food is halal or not, better leave it than eat it.

She immediately apologizes and insist to replace the donut with secret recipe cake tho I really don't mind because i was already happy they want to treat us.

but then, when i offer it to other muslim colleagues (i suppose to share the donuts with them because they helped too), I told them Im not sure it's halal or not so I wont eat it so it's up to them whether to eat or not.

I was taken back when one of them tries hard to convince me it's halal, tho I'm pretty sure never seen halal logo for that donut. Just because some muslims eat there, doesn't make that food halal.

She keeps convincing me, and told how delicious it was, and which is her favorites and I was like..hmmm 

These two very different responses really scares me. How can someone with different religion can respect my faith and believe, and for someone muslim same as me, react this way?

U don't ask a vegan to eat meat, then why ask someone to eat something that he/she already said they don't want to because of their believe?

Respect please.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Back

Yeah I'm back people! Ommo, last post was like more than a year ago hahaha!

 To sum up the last lost year(for this blog :p)
-going to be 24 this year
-working, trying to be a career woman
-still not yet achieve my dream
-still not yet lose weight
-still lives with mom n dad. hmmm.

Masalah negara betul lah kan bila dah nak masuk 24tahun tapi calon suami pon tak dak kan. hahaa~

Seronok nya tengok kawan2 yang ada baby..geram kau! Lagi lar segala pose atas bawah baby tu dorang nak amik kan pastu post kat FB. ngeeeee geram geram macam nak cubit2, gigit2. lol

See, after a year first thing come to mind nak cakap pasal topik ni kan?! pft, kahwin lah Huda oi.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I am thankful to have this job right now since my colleagues keep remind me how old I am! Aku dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang berumur 5 tahun muda dari aku. sobbbs~

I don't feel like I'm that old tapi bila dorang panggil aku AKAK, and I have tu bahasakan diri ini AKAK, sumpah rasa tua. sobbbbbsss~ lagi

I don't mind to be called AKAK but then bila nak balik dorang mesti salam cium tangan. Feel superior at first mwahahaha but then sumpah rasa tua! soooobbbbbbbbbssssssssssss~~~~~~

Pastu even the only guy called me AKAK. adik lelaki aku yang 4tahun muda tu pun tak panggil aku AKAK. sobbbsss soobbbbsss dan sobbbsssss lagi~~~~

Okay Huda, terima lah kenyataan. T__________T